OddFutur3 Brand Identity Design
A bridge between the meta world and the real one.
OddFutur3 is a creative consultancy that helps lifestyle brands build Web3 communities. They asked us to develop a visual identity that would position them as a credible player in the rapidly growing Web3 industry.
Web3 has a lot of negative associations, so the visual identity had to stand out from conventional start-ups. It needed a playfulness that displayed an understanding of youth-culture, without sacrificing the professionalism needed to work with fortune 500 companies.
OddFutur3 leverages Web3 to make real-world experiences more rewarding. They believe that things are better when people come together. The logo visualizes the idea "better together" – a cluster of letters coming together in a playful way.
The logomark was paired with a typeface called Maxi Round – a font that leans away from conventional rules of typography. Its unique characteristics helped make the final wordmark easy to recognize.
Headlines and informational text cluster together, forming a curious compositions that feel inherently creative.
Hand drawn sketch elements bring an energy and friendliness to compositions that otherwise would lack visual appeal.
And a tertiary font called Ciao Shrill was added to the system so designs that can't rely on imagery can retain some visual intrigue.