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Connect Lab Brand Identity Redesign
Transforming an engineering start-up into a full-service agency

ConnectedLab is a digital product development company known for engineering great digital products. But they weren’t known for delivering great strategy, or design. As they began hiring researchers, strategists, and designers, they needed to reposition, and rebuild their brand.

We developed a look & feel that honored their engineering roots while positioning them as a trustworthy end-to-end partner.

Billboard Collateral

Graphic Language

Programming syntax is unreadable to the untrained eye. When viewed by pedestrians, code appears as combinations of abstract lines and dots. Our approach was to reinterpret the console environment and build a visual language that could adapt to any canvas.

Rationale 1
Rationale 2
Rationale 3
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Pattern Guidelines

The graphic language was pushed even further, using WebGL to create a particle engine that quickly produced unique compositions for the brand’s various collateral needs.


The wordmark was created simply constructed using geometric shapes. The personality of the graphic language takes root in the “notched” corners of the two lowercase “n’s” and the “b”.

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Business Cards
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Logo Orientation
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Color Guidelines
Billboard Collateral
Business Cards
Playbook Cards
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