Myodetox Brand Redesign
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Preparing an upstart for a global introduction

Myodetox is a Physiotherapy company who needed to move beyond the world of recovery into the world of health & wellness. But the brand felt intimidating, preventing them from growing their business.

They wanted to bring better body awareness and physical treatment to the masses. But the perception was that they were a high-end service for performance athletes. Therapists felt like they weren’t experienced enough to work there. Customers felt like they weren’t fit enough to go there. This perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

We created a visual language that would re-position them as an accessible vitality brand.

Myo Collateral

A simplified wordmark

We shortened the name by removing “detox,” which simplified pronunciation and made it easier to remember. Doing so also shed the negative connotations held within the industry. Many people thought Myodetox was a service for recovering alcohol/drug addicts.

Myo Refreshed Logo

We chose a lower-case “m” to make the logo non-threatening. We set the wordmark in bold type as to be visible at all sizes. And we paired the lower-case “m” with an upper-case “Y” to make it structurally balanced and distinct.

Vibrant Colors

We kept purple in their palette because it’s not used often, which makes it own-able. But we introduced several new colors. Forest green conveyed a sense of intelligence and reliability, while neon-yellow allowed us to command customer’s attention when needed.

Myo WebsiteMyo CollateralMyo CollateralMyo Collateral
Myo Stationary

Graphic Flexibility

We introduced a new graphic language that made their brand collateral an extension of the logo. The various lines represents the connectedness of the body. This analogy was also used as a visual framework to guide compositions for core brand collateral.

Lifestyle Photography

Photographs of people in natural environments (instead of being treated in the clinic) helped shift the focus from selling a service to selling an outcome of service – better living.

Photo of people hiking
Photo of a person running.
Photo of a person surfing
Photo of person running

And in the digital age where everything is crisp and sharp, our direction paid homage to the late ‘90s & early ‘00s. Introducing motion blur as a visual mnemonic complimented the shift in messaging – from fixing pain to moving better.

Myo Billboard
Myo Hoarding

Dynamic Typography

We updated their type stack so that messaging stood out no matter the medium. And we combined font families to create an energy you would expect from a vitality brand.

Myo Refresh Typography
Expressive Headlines
Right Grotesk – Tall Black
Right Grotesk – Spatial Black
General Headlines
Editorial New
Myo Refresh Typography
General Typography
Right Grotesk Text
Myo Refresh Typography
Detailed Typography
GT America Mono
Myo Refresh Typography
Myodetox Billboard
Myo Mobile App
Myo Website
Myo Mobile App

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